HAARP , A new perspective on climate change.

The HAARP facility in Alaska , USA.

In the last decade our global sociopolitical  landscape has changed considerably , with the exception of terrorism, no subject has seen such a meteoric rise in terms of agenda importance such as Climate change and the global warming phenomena. The setup goes a little something like this , ever since mans move into the industrial age during the late 19th century our carbon emissions have skyrocketed due to our new-found ability to mass mobilize and produce by harnessing energy from internal combustion engines and the nasty byproduct being carbon dioxide. Over the years the CO2 count soared in our atmosphere coupled with the intensified de-forestation of critical rain forests which naturally dispose of this gas by converting it into oxygen, thus causing a planet wide de-stabilization of our climactic conditions and damage to the natural order of life in general.

Now before my inbox is flamed i would like to say that we here at zetanews absolutely support the notion of a fully self sustainable , environmental minded approach with minimal to no damage to the ecosystem by supporting elimination of carbon emissions and ending our dependence on oil , we most defintley love our mother earth!  When i first heard the subject of climate change i was very young , in the late 80’s there was a series of media pieces on the greenhouse effect due to the increased co2 in our upper atmosphere , even as a boy i thought this to be a serious issue but was stunned that it found little to no relevance on the political landscape of any agenda. It continued to hang around the mainstream for a bit here and there throughout the 90’s but never really stuck in people’s minds as an issue , it did gain some small momentum during the early 2000’s but still remained on the back-burner as terrorism was hypnotizing the world , but that all changed in 2006 with the help of a former U.S presidential candidate , Al Gore’s well produced docudrama ” An Inconvenient truth ” stole the limelight and scared the public stupid , its hollywood style production and intense message jarred human consciousness into action and thus followed a huge surge in interest so much that a political window opened, so suddenly a subject that we’ve known about for years that wasnt worthy of high attention previously had now rocketed to the top of every world agenda  , although initially i was pleased that it finally had status , suspicion began to build in my mind.

HAARP is able to manipulate weather patterns anywhere in the world.

Now we are not here to debate the exact science behind the climate change phenomenon nor to poke holes in Al gore’s motivations however clandestine they may be , but a new and controversial slant has appeared on the scene , redrawing the battle lines between supporters and de-bunkers of this much deliberated subject. It comes in the form of a controversial program called HAARP ( High frequency active aurora research program ) which is situated deep in the Alaskan plains , Mainstream media passes it off as a simple research facility , but several reports confirm that it is indeed a weapon of unimaginable power. This technology works by transmitting concentrated radio waves into either the ground or the atmosphere , if you were to aim this particular technology into our orbit , it would heat up that particular regions ionosphere depending of course on the volume of the broadcast which in turn will create anything from a light summer rain shower to a category 5 hurricane depending on intensity , however if you were to shoot the waves into the ground it is somehow able to adversely affect plate tectonic movement and just like the example above depending on intensity of transmission you can have examples ranging from a tiny vibration that wouldn’t even bother an earthworm to a 9.5 on the richterscale. If you have the time please read this russian media  report on the technology.

Queensland , Australia 2011 , Another HAARP test of just the fury of mother nature?

Now given that we had known about the climate situation since the early 70’s and our nonchalant attitude toward the issue until the mid 2000’s assisted by the Al gore circus , Many independent researchers and scientists are now beginning to abandon their original govt supported view in favour of this highly controversial standpoint , For many it’s too much to bear that our government is in fact complicit in a well thought out conspiracy to use the global warming phenomena as cover for the continued testing and use of the elites new weather manipulation machine. Many may be offended at this statement as ever since the release of “ An Inconvenient truth “ , the passion of the people gave rise to a new global consciousness in decreasing carbon emissions and the like , so much that such ideas are seen by some as deflecting the issues or even worse in support of the corporate agenda , this is not so , but we do intend to expose once again the elites advanced technological capabilities and how they are using the threat of global warming as a cover to wage a covert war on the population at large.

Time and time again , through research and examination of all alternate theorists standpoint on the elite agenda throughout human history , it has appeared that the common theme among all is the desire for absolute control of all matter, including harnessing the raw power of the elements as a weapon , and now with mother nature hijacked to do their bidding we may indeed be witness to one of the key events in the end game strategy , worst of all it is lurking in the shadows of a just cause which many have tirelessly devoted themselves to , thus making meaningful discussion or dialogue of this subject in public circles a perilous activity.


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